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Child abuse is a prevalent problem in today's world. Infants, babies, toddlers, young children and teens are under duress when they are sexually abused, physically assaulted , emotionally down graded as human beings and attacked violently by adults that they normally know and who is suppose to protect and care for them. It is important that people realize that child abuse happens in every demographic, rich, middle class poor economic classes , that over 50,000 murdered Native Aboriginal First nations children suffered the same abuse and were dumped in cold graves without a proper and decent burial with Native Customs. Child abuse does not just happen in minority communities but all communities, including some religious communities of the dark past . These babies in this video are victims of child abuse and were all murdered. The music with this video is by " Angel Voices" Libera in Concert". I couldn't think of better music or song but the Angelic Voices and the beautiful song of children. Angel Voices and this song is very comforting to the human soul when viewing this video and what happened to these abused babies. This song helps to ease the blow to our human conscious, but helps to uplift us into wanting to be more aware and help abused children in peril and need of our attention and help. These children in this video are from Canada, The United States of America and England. April is child abuse awareness month, and this video represents all children, all over the world who suffer child abuse. We all have the power to stop child abuse, no matter what religion or non-religion, what faith, belief, what community, race, color or creed. Please get involved today and help to protect children that need our adult intervention, aide, defense and protection. Children that are abused have been violated and their human rights denigrated. Children do have human rights and that is something that we as adults need to undertake and ensure that Children's human rights no matter what nationality, what background, what country, what race or creed is upheld by all peoples and all adults.

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