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A Community Development Service Program


Transforming Lives of Youth



Loving yourself and others

The BUDS Bridging the Gap Program offers 3rd thru 8th graders in need, weekly mentoring, behavior management sessions and life skills education.  The BUDS Bridging the Gap Program is designed to offer choices that encourage and enhance self-esteem, positive behavior, pride, respect for self and others as well as an alternative to repeating the cycles of poverty and academic underachievement.  The BUDS Bridging the Gap Program will be held at your facility on a day and at a time that we both find appropriate.

Personal Fulfillment

Making better choices

Positive outcomes from this program will include but are not limited to:                                            Participants are willing to choose behaviors which are personally fulfilling, productive, and socially acceptable. Participants show improved self-confidence, academic performance. Participants will also develop better decision-making and life skills. Participants may be referred by parents, administrators, teachers and staff.  

Gifts of Love

Community Support

BUDS Mentoring, Inc. is proud to announce the Bi-Lo Holdings Foundation is investing $15,000 to the BUDS Bridging the Gap Project.  This investment will allow the project to be FREE to participants.


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By Appointment Only
By Appointment Only