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Literacy Project

Project VISION-Reading For Success

From the conceptualized mind of our project coordinator Mrs. J.D. Lee, we offer the "Reading For Success" program to improve school-age children's reading and comprehension skills.  Through this program, our goal is to open an avenue for children to enjoy reading. The focus will be on students who are having problems in reading/comprehension, disciplinary problems or who have an interest in brushing up on their reading skills.


Specific skills and strategies will be used to teach reading literacy.  Below is a list of some of the techniques being used in the program to increase the strength, needs and confidence in reading and comprehension.

Dolce Words and Needs Assessment- are used to determine the grade level and level of reading assistance each child will need in tutoring placement.

Guided Reading- one-on-one technique used to assist children and to strengthen their reading skills.

Shared Reading- children will interact with other children as a group to build self-confidence while reading in front of their peers.

Reading Discussions- all books read will be subjected to an open and written discussion to increase the child's comprehension and communication skills.

Questioning- children will learn how to answer and formulate questions on books they have read.

Oral and Silent Reading- children will learn how to confidently enunciate and articulate reading in front of a group as well as learning how to focus on silent reading.

Independent Reading- the program will provide an opportunity for children to discover the joy of reading on their own with various books, in our classroom setting with a section designated the "Reading Corner".  This area will allow the children to choose any book to read free from any distractions.  There will be worksheets that will allow the children to answer questions about the book they read to reinforce their reading comprehension.

Hands-On Opportunities- various activities, games and guest speakers will read or provide storytelling to the children.  This will be offered during our after-school  and summer camps.


BUDS Mentoring, Inc is a on-going listing partner for the National Literacy Foundation.


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